Storm Covering

Protecting the beauty of your stained glass windows is essential. Whether it is from storms, wind, hail, or other environmental hazards, storm coverings or protective glazing is a trusted way to ensure your windows last for generations to come.

What exactly is protective glazing? Well, it is an additional clear cover over your windows. This cover in no way affects the beauty of your window and the design of the window can still be seen from the outside or inside of the building. Protective glazing comes in a variety of materials: plate glass, safety glass, insulated glass, or breakable polycarbonate. Each material has its own advantages and we would be happy to discuss which covering is best suited for your project.

At State of the Art we have the capability of fabricating the storm frames on site. This allows us to make a perfect fit to your existing window frames so the storm windows blend into the stained glass opening and does not detract from the beauty of your windows.


Storm covering was applied to bring out the beauty of the windows at Clintwood UMC in Clintwood, VA.

The removal of the old, yellowed and cloudy plastic covering and replacement with new, clear safety laminate glass rejuvenated these remarkable stained glass windows.

Now everyone is able to enjoy the true beauty and detail of these 100-year-old works of art.