Religious Stained Glass



Opalescent Windows

Opalescent windows are made up of opalescent glass. This type of glass is a milky glass composed of a mix of colors producing a milky, iridescent appearance. When most people think of stained glass, this is the type of glass that comes to mind.

Opalescent glass was developed in the late 19th century by John LaFarge and Louis C. Tiffany.

This type of glass can be one solid color, but it is generally a mixture, or streak, of two or more colors. It can be translucent, but most often opaque, and reflects light as well as refracts it. Due to this mixture, less light is let in than traditional clear glass windows.


Hand Painted Windows

These windows feature hand painting technique where an artisan paints a layer of paint or stain on a cut piece of colored glass. Careful attention to technique and detail occurs in this stage as the piece of glass is then places in a kiln at over 1200 degrees. This process fuses the stain, or paint, to the glass permanently.

Hand painting is used in figure windows and windows where depth and texture add to the artistry of the design.


Faceted Windows

Also known as dalle windows, these windows have a distinctive appearance, and are known for their impact of color and texture. The glass in these windows is thick and bound together with epoxy resin. Colors of the binder vary to enhance the overarching aesthetic of the piece.

The process for making faceted windows is extensive. Resembling a mosaic technique, these windows vary from a simple array of colors, to the placement of glass to form an overall design. These windows are striking and make a colorful, contemporary statement wherever they are placed.


Backlit Windows

Stained glass windows can enhance any area they are placed in; however, there is occasionally no natural light in an area a windows is placed in – this requires a backlit window.

As the name implies, backlighting of a window takes a stained glass window, and encases it within a hand crafted wooden frame or cabinet. Housed in the interior space of this box are lights to enable the beauty of the stained glass to be illuminated. Lights may vary from traditional bulb lighting to LED lighting.

Each backlit window is hand crafted and custom fit for the area that it will reside. Careful attention to detail in both the window design and framing is essential to bring this beautiful window to life.


Custom Wood Working

State of the Art Stained Glass Studio is proud of its custom wood working department. Specializing in hand crafted wood work, these artisans create solid wood doors, light boxes, and wood frames that replicate turn of the century craftsmanship and design.

After selecting the wood from the variety of stock at the studio, pieces are hand milled in the studio, and fabricated into the final design. Pieces are hand stained, sanded, and trimmed. We also can install these finished pieces into their new home. These pieces are truly one of a kind, and make a striking addition to any sanctuary or room they appear in.