Restoration and Repair

Occasionally, older stained glass or leaded glass windows need repair or restoration. It might be difficult at first to know whether your windows are in need of some assistance. Some telltale signs are: some of the pieces of stained glass are broken or cracked; the stabilizing bars are loose, paint is flaking off, or not the original color; the lead between the panes is discolored or brittle; light may show through between the glass and lead; or they may be bulging, sagging, or leaking.

At State of the Art Stained Glass, we are experts in many modes of repair and restoration. In fact, we have restored over 100 churches and historical homes. State of the Art is the first choice of historical societies because of their ability to offer full scale restoration. From custom wood mill work to an inventory of antique glass, we are sensitive to the specialized needs of restoration and respect time period authenticity. State of the Art’s owner, Ben, was the 1996 recipient of the Knoxville Metropolitan Planning Commission’s award of excellence for the restoration of his personal residence, a 1904 Victorian home.

Give us a call today and we can discuss your project. We are always happy to come to your location, assess your windows, and discuss with you various repair and restoration options.

The first of many of the windows after restoration.